I'm sittin' here in a boring room, it's just another sunny tuesday afternoon. I'm watchin Tv, I've got nothing to do, I'm hanging around, I'm waiting for you.

Spend the night with my love and friends, It'll be good.


sometimes my life sucks.
today is a boring day, I hate it, I want to do something:(

I have a headache from yesterday, sucks.

Todays outfit:


breakfast at Cafe Planie in Stuttgart, after taking my sis to the train station:


we made cakepops yesterday, they tasted great… said at least everyone:

fuck you Facebook, I don't want the new timeline, it sucks…

Is it better to go to a Bacardi Party or to eat sushi with the girlfriend??

and why has a new Hollister opened in Stuttgart today? now will all the little suckers wear it:/

I love this pic and the girl on it<3


damn hot day. on the way to the pool, don't know if the tattoo will stand it:D

and in the evening Sushi, but just if my girlfriend has time. girls…

have fun today.


erst arbeiten, dann auf den Geburtstag von meiner Freundin, harter Tag.

bei Freundin kam mir das in den Sinn:

irgendwie makaber, aber leider lustig


just found old pics I made, miss it a bit. maybe I should start taking pictures again

I hate it to wait for the commitments of the universitys. It sucks. And I'm sure that I wont get one.